The best doctors give the least medicines.


First Aid Kits Edit


First aid kits are used to heal the player or your followers. First Aid Kits currently come in three sizes, and while the basic kit needs only fabric to make the more advanced kits require hemp as well:

Kit Type Charges AVG Price Quality Grid Size
Basic 200 70 25 1x2
Standard 500 138 50 2x2
Advanced 1000 514 100 3x3

Splint KitsEdit

Medkit splint

Splint Kits are used to repair severely damaged limbs. They are used in conjunction with First Aid Kits. If a limb falls below -100 health, a Splint Kit is needed to fix it. Splinting is done automatically after healing if the medic has a kit.

The splint kit currently comes in two different sizes.

Kit Type Charges AVG Price Quality Grid Size
Splint Kit 100 410 20 2x2
Advanced Splint Kit 100 600 50 3x3

Robotics Edit

Skeleton Torso
Kit Type Charges AVG Price Charges Grid Size
Robotics Repair Kits 500 7109 50

Acquisition Edit

All First Aid Kits and Splints can be purchased from relevant Traders or produced at a Medical Bench.

Robotic Repair Kits can be created at a Robotics Bench.

Factoring SkillEdit

Both First Aid and Splint Kits possess a quality modifier, which must be met by your Field Medic skill to be effectively used. Having a higher skill also reduces the speed in which a Splint Kit will be used up.

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