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Mega City: The Beginning I Edit

A diary entry scribbled on a scap of paper:

"Okay! The walls are up, the buildings have been fortified, the turrets calibrated and we're all settled nicely. We've picked a fantastic spot to rebuild: We got water ripe for fishing, we got hills sheltering us from the harsh winds and, best of all, we got no Holy Nation, no Empire, no nothing to tell us what to do!

Just a couple o' dumb cannibal tribals, nothing we can't handle. I bet those backward animals are more scared of us than we are of them, I mean, they're running around starkers, Okran's goodies flopping in the wind with minds of their own, and the best weapons they got are shit covered sticks. Maybe I'll even take a few of them as slaves for free labour, we'll have the next empire up in no time and all the refugees will be begging to join us!"

Mega City: The Beginning II Edit

A diary entry scribbled on a scap of paper:

"A few of the villagers haven't been able to hack it here in recent weeks. Minid and Petal were the last to disappear, those lovesick fools wouldn't know a good setup if it hit them square in the nose. Probably ran away together in some passionate elopement, they thought they were secretive, but with those pining eyes and red faces everybody could see right through their affair.

Then we've got Rekon, Bones and Wesley... Well that flakey triplet wouldn't remember how to put on their own boots, let alone remember their way around these mountains. My guess is that they got lost in the hills scavenging for green fruits... twits. Surival of the fittest at it's finest I guess. Who needs horny pansies and braindead baffoons anyway, we'll build our next empire to be stronger than ever without them."

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