Minor Outposts are the various small outposts that make up a large amount of the locations in the game. They can range from farms, to mining outposts, to small villages or trading outposts. Often times they will not have the amenities usually associated with Major Towns, such as beds for rent and stores to buy and sell items at. Although some do.

The Holy Nation Edit

These outposts are controlled by the zealous Holy Nation, and thus non-human Races will often be attacked on sight.

Holy Farms Edit

Holy Military Bases Edit

  • These military outposts are often found on the edges of Holy Nation lands. They are public outposts that contain several types of traders, including weapon, armour, and food traders. They however do not have any beds available for rent.

Holy Mines Edit

  • These mines are scattered all around The Holy Nation's territory. They are private areas and run on slave labour delivered by the Slave Traders. Caution is advised to anybody trying to enter, as they will attack and attempt to enslave all trespassers.

Rebirth Edit

  • This is a large slave camp in the northeastern mountains on the current map. This where all non-human races are taken to perform labour for The Holy Nation. They appear to be constructing a massive statue of the Holy Lord Phoenix LXII, or another Phoenix.

The Empire Edit

These outposts are controlled by the corrupt Empire. While they're not racist like some other factions, you'd best have some money ready if you meet their soldiers.

Gatherer Village Edit

  • A small group of outposts in the northwest, past the Fog Islands. They are presumably mining outposts, though they do not appear to be complete. The game seems to be assigning their faction to them by default, so it is possible they are not supposed to be part of The Empire.

Other Factions Edit

These outposts belong to small factions that tend to only have these small outposts.

Fishing Village Edit

  • Mercenaries wander nearby as well as inside the Bar. Besides residences, it only has a single shop and the aforementioned bar.

Ghost Village Edit

  • This village is implied to have been recently depopulated, as a result all items available are free to take and will not be marked stolen.

Hive Villages Edit

  • These villages owned by the Western Hive are scattered around the the southwest area of the map. They are populated by a lot of Hive worker and soldier drones, as well as a couple of Hive Traders. You can rent the beds in the worker's huts, and the traders sell a large variety of goods as well as buy stolen goods at full price.

Waystation Edit

  • A small outpost owned by the Tech Hunters in the southeast, on the top of a cliff. It has several strong guards protecting it, as well as a Bar and General Supplies.

Swamp Village Edit