There are several types of modifications (or mods as they are popularly known), mods have a variety of effects, from adding one weapon to total overhauls of the game mechanics. You can also create your own modifications to your Kenshi game via the 'Forgotten Construction Set' located in your Kenshi directory.

Game ModificationsEdit

Game Changing modifications can add many new things to the game from unique play styles, new areas, and even Immunity to death. Modifications can also be found listed here on the forums.

Map ModificationsEdit

These mods modify the games map, add towns, bandit lairs, or adjust whats already there.


Total Game ConversionsEdit

These mods modify the whole look and or feel of the game, Examples of this type of modification would be a Zombie modification or a Medieval modification.

God ModificationsEdit

Generally these modifications make the game easier by giving the player something he would not normally have access to like unlimited health, ammo, or money.

Graphical ModificationsEdit

These modifications would be changes to the textures or GUI within the game.