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A crumpled up draft speech written by the leader of the Flotsam Ninjas:

"I've seen many of my sisters die in battle. Witnessing such needless end of human life never gets any easier. Many of my comrades have asked, 'is the battle pointless? Is it all for nothing?'... No, I don't believe so. The Holy Nation will eventually fall on it's own, given enough time. Why? Simply because it neglects half of it's own population.

Some of the Flotsam rebels make up some of the best ninjas in the world, hands down. The Holy Nation are fools for not utilising the skill of these women: a society that denies half of it's potential will eventually fall. But if we can prevent the suffering of our daughters even the slightest bit by speeding up our oppressor's downfall, the battle is most definitely not pointless. It's worth everything.

- Moll"