Mr. Floppy is the name of the proprietor of each Mr. Floppy's Flophouse (otherwise known as an inn). Currently he has very little interaction with player characters. When spoken to, he greets the character with, "Hey hey hey! It's Mr. Floppy! What can I do for you?"

The player can ask Mr. Floppy three possible questions. Two are in regards to the Flop House and the last is to confirm if Mr. Floppy is his actual name. If you choose the third question Mr. Floppy will respond with an enthusiastic, "Yes, Mmiisstteerr Floppy!" If pressed on the matter, he will reveal that all the Flophouses are run by one group, and that all employees are required to legally change their names to "Mr. Floppy" as well as get a large "Mr. Floppy" tattoo. He believes it's a way of keeping the workers in line.


It is uncertain yet if Mr. Floppy is a reference to a mansion in East Oakland, an Australian alternative rock, punk rock and oi! band, a character from Unhappily Ever After or something else.