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Ninja Blade
Ninja Blade
A smaller, lighter katana with a straight blade that is easier to produce. Popular with ninjas because they're better for stabbing people in the back with, but not the best for toe-to-toe combat.
Class Katana
Bleed Rate 1.10x
Indoor Bonus 0
Reach 21
Inventory Height 1
Inventory Width 7

Description Edit

The Ninja Blade is the shortest and lightest Katana variant. Due to its relatively short reach, it is the preferred weapon of thieves and assassins, but does not work well in an outnumbered battle. It also gains a decent bonus when used by inexperienced warriors, dealing increased damage.

 Blueprint Locations Edit

All the possible locations to find the Blueprint for this weapon.

Variations Edit

All possible variations in an un-modded game, as of 0.95.14.

Manufacturer Edit

Manufacturer(s) Model Weight (kg) Cutting Damage Blunt Damage Attack Bonus Defence Bonus Buy Value Sell Value
Unknown Rusted Junk
Unknown Rusting Blade
Ancient Mid-Grade Salvage
Ancient Old Re-Fitted Blade
Ancient Re-fitted Blade
Catun Scrapmaster Catun No. 1
Catun Scrapmaster Catun No. 2
Catun Scrapmaster Catun No. 3
Skeleton Smiths Mk I
Skeleton Smiths Mk II
Skeleton Smiths Mk III
Edgewalkers Edge Type 1
Edgewalkers Edge Type 2
Edgewalkers Edge Type 3
Cross Meitou

Homemade Edit

Manufacturer(s) Model Weight (kg) Cutting Damage Blunt Damage Attack Bonus Defence Bonus Buy Value Sell Value
Homemade Rusted Junk
Homemade Rusting Blade
Homemade Mid-Grade Salvage
Homemade Old Re-Fitted Blade
Homemade Re-fitted Blade
Homemade Catan No. 1
Homemade Catan No. 2
Homemade Catan No. 3
Homemade Mk I
Homemade Mk II
Homemade Mk III
Homemade Edge Type 1
Homemade Edge Type 2

Trivia Edit

  • Based on Ninjato (忍者刀/Ninjatō) which is a never confirmed katana like sword legendarily used by ninja of feudal Japan portrayed in movies and television.
  • Formerly named as Katana-Straight in earlier game version. In real-life, ninjato seems to be a different blade type from katana.
  • The ninjato is reputed to be a multi-function tool, including the scabbard which is made longer than the blade to hide things, or to reputedly mislead opponents which will be surprised by the faster drawing of the short blade. It scabbard is said to be even be used as a "breathing straw" when underwater.

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