Ninja Gi
Wear this and you will be a real ninja! (Warning: Not a substitute for real ninja training)

–In-game description

Ninja Gi is a clothing that offer no protection that can be equipped in the  Bodyarmor slot of a character's inventory. As of version 0.94.X the Ninja Gi can be both produced in a clothing bench and bought at traders. World's End and Mongrel NPCs equip the Ninja Gi.


The Ninja Gi is identical in appearance to the Gi except that it is black. It looks similar to the uniform top of several martial arts styles like (Judo and Karate) except the sleeves are removed. The top is held shut by a black belt that is tied at the character's right hip.


Ninja Gi and Pants
Ninja Gi
[Cloth Armour Class]
-Blunt resistance 0
-Stealth effect 1x
-Athletics effect 1x
-Combat speed effect 1x
-Combat skills effect 0
-Weight 1kg
-Value 200
-Trade Value 40


The Ninja Gi is available at Traders as of version 0.94.X. And can be crafted at Clothing Bench.

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