Oil Silo

As of version 0.62.0 the Oil Silo is currently not implemented in the base game. It is however possible to access and build the Oil Silo by using the in-game editor (Shift + F12). This building can be found under the 'Mining' section in the build menu.

Though currently not part of the game, it has been said that certain building types like the Generator will require fuel in the future. The Oil Silo will most likely be used in the process of making fuel or holding some type of refined oil.

Oil Drill Construction InfoEdit

  • Type - Exterior
  • 1 Building Materials
  • Estimated Build Time - 1 Hours
  • Power Consumption - -1
  • Efficiency - 1x

Related BuildingsEdit

  1. Manual Oil Drill
  2. Oil Drill
  3. Oil Refinery
  4. Oil Silo

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