The Outlaw Farmer is a character found exclusively in The Hook. Outlaw Farmers are characterized by a civilian appearance, exclusively wearing wooden sandals, halfpants, white vests, and straw hats. They are always equip with a staff (and no sidearm), which is guaranteed to be rusted junk. In the Kenshi universe, these characters are forced to pick off those unfortunate enough to wander The Hook for food and other possessions, outcast from Imperial society due to their poverty/homelessness (which is literally illegal in United Cities territory). They might express brief reluctance to fight you out of sorrow, but nonetheless will attack on sight (associating you with being just as bad as those in power that cast them out into the world).

These opponents are considerable fighters, and travel in small (but large enough) groups to cause trouble to even well-developed characters. Their use of the staff (and straw hat) means they can have an attack stat as high as 25, which is a considerable threat early-game. Having a high reach and dealing exclusively in blunt damage, the staff can also cause squads of high concentration or poor protection to fall rather quickly. They are almost always accompanied by at least one Outlaw Swordsman.
Outlaw Farmer
The bulk of the Empire Outlaws.
Attributes 8-16
Weapons Staff
Clothing Straw Hat, White Vest, Halfpants, & Wooden Sandles

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