The name chosen by the player
Screenshot 1236
The character customization screen
Attributes Develop
Weapons Found/bought
Armour Found/bought
Clothing Found/bought
Inventory Found/bought

Kenshi starts with the Character Customization screen. The characters appearance is fully optional by the player at this time. The players attributes and skills develop through use.


The player has seven 'slots' where arms, and armour can be equipped:

  • Weapon 1 - The primary weapon slot. Weapons Only
  • Weapon 2 - The secondary weapon slot. Weapons Only
  • Head - The slot for head based apparel. Armour and Clothing Only
  • Chest - The slot for chest based apparel. Armour and Clothing Only
  • Legs - The slot for leg based apparel. Armour and Clothing Only
  • Feet - The slot for footwear. Armour and Clothing Only
  • Backpack - The slot for a backpack. Backpacks Only

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