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High Priest Tyluig gives his opinion on the Hub's abandonment:

"While brother Varloo is right on the fact that the Hub cannot be held for now, he is mistaken as to the reason why. Narko's power did not increase significantly in the last years; It is Okran's light that has been wavering for some time now.

Our faith is the conduit that allows Okran's grace to be bestowed upon us. We have let our society fall into decay and debauchery and none but we are to be blamed. Women acting with ignorant brazenness, children shaming their fathers, men forgetting the deeply rooted traditions of our holy society...

It is not the Dark Demoness' minions that have been covering the light, it is we. If we are to avoid our lost brother's fate, we must purify ourselves! Only then can we save this world from damnation."

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