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Prospecting is used to find suitable locations to find bases

Information GivenEdit

  • Zone is where the prospecting took place
  • Altitude is how far above sea level the Prospecting took place
  • Prospector Skill is the [[Science (skill)|science skill] of the prospector. This decides the size of the prospected area.
  • Area Size
  • Wind Speed is the current speed of the wind. This determines how much energy is generated with wind generators.
  • Environment says which biomes are in the area and is used in determining the crop yield of different types of farms will have.
  • Resources
    • Water determines the efficiency of wells.
    • Fertility determines the efficiency of farms.
    • Stone determines the efficiency of stone mines.
    • Iron is used to determine the efficiency of mining raw iron from the iron outcrops.
    • Copper is used to determine the efficiency of mining copper from the copper outcrops.
    • Carbon is not present in 0.93.

Suggested Base Building LocationEdit

Standardized format coming to a webpage near you soon


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