This is a quick guide for players that want to jump into the game and learn there. The information contained on this page are the basics of gameplay and starting out. For more detail visit Getting Started.


  • WASD/Arrow Keys = Camera
  • Spacebar = Pause
  • Numpad 1-9 = Select character. Double-press to go to character
  • +/~ = Select all characters
  • F5 = Quicksave
  • F9 = Quickload
  • Control Key or Middle Mouse = Rotate camera
  • Left Click (Hold for Area) = Select Characters
  • Right Click = Interact/Movement
  • Hold Right Click (Target) = Interaction List
  • Right Click (Portrait) = Camera follow
  • F2 = Normal game speed
  • F3 = Faster game speed
  • F4 = Fastest game speed
  • M = Map

What is in the game so far? What can I do / not do?Edit

The game is still in development, and it can be confusing for new players to figure out what you can do in the game, and what is just a planned feature.

At this point in the development, its just about getting into fights, trading, and looting:

Quick Start TipsEdit

  • You won't survive alone. Go into nearby bars (buildings with a sign that has a bottle on it) and talk to the guys named "Sword For Hire ". You can recruit these guys. They will cost you around 700 Cats per recruit.
  • Wait for the Empire Soldiers and patrols to fight and kill bandits, and then scavenge them for loot to sell. Alternatively, actively seek out bandit patrols and lure them to the town. Police are very capable and will win fights with almost anyone.
  • Click the "map" button to see a world map. It has all the towns marked on it.
  • Try to practice at training dummies to increase your attack skill to a level of V. They are located at the police station in some towns.
    • It will take a very long time to level up your attack skill to V on a dummy. Training to IV is advised.
  • Try setting your character to "Blocks only" at the bottom right of screen. This will prevent your character from attacking but it will give them a substantial boost of +20 to their defensive statistic
  • There are also shops in each town where you can buy weapons and armour. Most armor is very expensive, so fitting your whole team is going to take some time.
  • You will need a first aid kit in your inventory to heal wounds. Be sure to find and hire a Medic (also found in bars) early on and equip them with most of your health kits. A good Medic can often rescue your whole team after they lose a battle. Remember it's also a good idea to have a small health kit on every other member of your party just in case your Medic goes down.
  • If you go to a trade center you can buy trade goods from merchants. Find a cheap product and then go and sell it in another town for a profit. You can make a lot of money this way.
  • The desert is dangerous, it's full of bandits who are stronger than you. Take your time, be cautious, build up your strength and join in other peoples battles until you are strong enough to hold your own.

Tutorial VideosEdit

Kenshi Basics (101 Startup Guide for Beginners) - Part 110:23

Kenshi Basics (101 Startup Guide for Beginners) - Part 1

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