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Ragged clothes with plates to protect the sword arm. It's pretty dire protection, but more cleverly designed then you think. It's lightweight and the arm plates on your forward side allow you to adopt some extra skillful combat tactics.

–In-game description

Rag Shirt is a type of armor in Kenshi that is worn predominately by Starving Bandits. As of version 0.58.3, the Rag Shirt share the exact same coverage, effects and description as the Assassins Rags. The Rag Shirt offers better cut resistance at a fraction of the cost of Assassins Rags. This makes it a better choice to equip on characters due to its low price and availability due to the sheer amount of Starving Bandits.

Appearance Edit

A Rag Shirt is made up of several ragged strips of cloth that wrap around the characters neck and upper torso. Some strips of this wrap hang down and cover a small amount of the stomach. Both hands are wrapped in a similar fashion but additional strips cover the left forearm.

Stats Edit

Rag Shirt
[Shoddy Grade]
[Light Armour Class]
-Blunt resistance 0.08
-Cut resistance 0.26 (20% stun)
-Head 25%
-Chest 10%
-Right Arm 95%
-Athletics effect 0.98x
-Combat skills effect 5
-Weight 1kg
-Value 792
-Trade Value 158


Slave Shirt
Rag Shirt Blueprint
Blueprints Icon
Tech Level lvl ???
Cost  ??? cats
Location(s) to Buy  ???
Research Material Cost Production
Prototype  ? hrs  ?  ? hrs
Shoddy  ? hrs  ?  ? hrs
Standard  ? hrs  ?  ? hrs


  • The Rag Shirt was formerly known as Slave Shirt.

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