A large landmass on the Western coast of the continent. It is slightly to the north of the fog and appears snady with a small mountian range in the centre of the island. Raptor Island is aptly named for its abundance of Swamp Raptors. In terms of natural scenery, it is also abundant in shrubbery and hosts a few sparse trees, which is fitting for its sandy appearance. None of the raptors are aggressive, but they do get annoyed by standing near their nests.

Raptor Island World Map Crop 001

Towns And Villages Edit


Dungeons Edit


Biome Edit


Water Green Arid Swamp Wind
Varies 10% 100% 0% Low

Tips Edit

A megaraptor with 50-57 stats resides inside an ancient citadel-turned-nest with a variety of mid-range weapons and armor. Since the nest is partially sunk, speed is severely reduced, but a sufficiently high athletics character can grab one of the weapons and escape before the mega raptor (whose speed is unaffected) hits.

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