Raptor Eating

River Raptors are bi-pedal creatures with round bodies and large jaws. They are omnivores and will attempt to eat crops growing in any farms that they come across. They have nests and can be mostly found in the areas of Okran's Pride & Wend.

A stronger version called Swamp Raptors can be found in Raptor Island and in The Swamp.

Swamp Raptor
There is also a rare species called the Megaraptor which is noticeably larger than a River Raptor.

Stats Edit

These stats assume that the River Raptor is an adult. Elder age Raptors may be even stronger. It takes 4 days for a River Raptor to reach adult age.

Statistics Level
Attack 8 - 12
Defence 8 - 12
Strength 8 - 12
Dexterity 8 - 12
Toughness 8 - 12

Drops Edit

Removing these items from the creature will kill it instantly.

Item Quantity Avg. Price
Animal Skin-0
Animal Skin 1
Foul meat
Foul Raw Meat 4

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