A warrior society that values strength and hardiness. They are sometimes a little humorless and have a reputation as dumb brutes, but this is not always the case. Their external skeletal plates provide a natural armour but hinders more dexterous pursuits like sneaking around. Esata the "Stone Golem" is their leader and Queen, she reigns in Admag.

Attributes Edit

Combat Stats Edit

  • Combat move speed multi: 1
  • Bleed Rate: 0.9
  • Heal Rate: 0.8

Skill EXP Boosts Edit

Anatomy Edit

  • Blood: 75 - 150
  • Bodypart HP: 125

Misc Edit

  • Max Speed: 25 mph
  • Min Speed: 16 mph
  • Hunger Rate: 1.25
  • Vision Range: 1

Trivia Edit

  • The Holy Nation has a racial distrust for the Shek due to their belief in their religion.