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Home to the Shek, the Shek Kingdom is a faction headed by Queen Esata the "Stone Golem". They follow the teachings and lifestyle of Kral, a legendary Shek warrior who consolidated the Shek tribes into a centralized nation hundreds of years ago. Shek society is divided into two castes, warriors and servants, the latter of whom are often defeated or cowardly warriors whom fill the niche of skilled/menial work.

The Shek believe that dying in battle is the most honourable way to die, and by living the way of the warrior they can pass on to the afterlife known as Gateway, a spiritual kingdom where all the great heroes reside. This makes for strong and fearless warriors, but lowers their population growth. In fact, this suicidal mindset has been steadily dwindling their population, a cause which Queen Esata has been trying to reverse with help of her aide, Bayan.

Mighty Shek warriors form the Hundred Guardians and are given battle names to support their honour. While the strongest are given a place in the Invincible Five. They can be currently found inside the Faction HQ building of Admag.

Currently disputing the Border Zone with two other nations.

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-- The generic NPCs this faction has. Usually soldiers, civilians, and the like.

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-- Special NPCs this faction has. Unique characters such as rulers and other important people.

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-- The recruitable characters this faction has. Usually found in bars, but not always.

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-- The factions this faction has special relations towards, though they may not share the same opinion. For all others, it will use this faction's default ().

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-- The towns, outposts, and other locations owned by this faction.

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-- Items that have a special status to this faction. Such as having a lower/higher price, or being Illegal.

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-- The traders that can be spawned in this faction's towns.

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