Skeleton Torso

The Skeletons are a complete mystery, nobody knows where they came from, or how they were made, but they are suspected to be thousands of years old. Fully sentient and capable of feeling sadness, anger, excitement, compassion, thrill and enjoyment, although they don't posses the ability to express anything visually. This, combined with their dry sense of humor, often confuses the other races, whom the Skeletons see as somewhat volatile and unpredictable. They have no prejudice or fear of death, and make for brutally effective warriors.

Attributes Edit

Combat Stats Edit

  • Combat move speed multi: 0.9
  • Bleed Rate: 0.01
  • Heal Rate: 3

Skill EXP Boosts Edit

Anatomy Edit

  • Oil: 100
  • Bodypart HP: 200

Misc Edit

  • Max Speed: 25 mph
  • Min Speed: 16 mph
  • Cant Swim, walks underwater.
  • They do not require food.
  • Suffers Wear and Tear damage, requiring repair at a Skeleton Repair Bed
  • Cant wear Shirts, Shoes, or Headgear.
  • Has bonus damage with fists, does not suffer damage when striking metal.
  • Immune to all Weather Hazards
  • Vision Range: 1.25

Play Style Edit

They are hated by the Holy Nation making them attack on sight. Due to this they are not used as traders or thieves and usually never leave base. It is also extremely expensive to repair them early on so most players avoid using them in hand to hand combat and instead use them on turrets due to their turret bonus. They never require food making them perfect for manual labor like infinitely running a stone mine.

Trivia Edit

  • Hated by the Holy Nation
  • Iyo, the assistant of the Machinist leader at World's End is a Skeleton.
  • Although extremely long-lived, they have limited memory
  • The Blood meter is now oil to reflect their nature better.