The Skeletons faction consists of Skeletons from the ancient times who have founded their own civilization of sorts. They have their own city in The Black Desert biome, known as the Black Desert City. It is a city where many skeletons retreated to hide in isolation, as most life forms cannot survive the journey to the city. They also have a few other outposts throughout the world with a few solitary Skeletons living in them.

Non-Player Characters Edit

Notable NPCs Edit

Special NPCs this faction has. Unique characters such as rulers and other important people.

Miscellaneous NPCs Edit

The generic NPCs this faction has. Usually soldiers, civilians, and the like.

Vendors Edit

The NPC stores which exist in locations owned by this faction.

Recruits Edit

The recruitable characters this faction can spawn. Usually found in bars, but not always.

Locations Edit

Biomes Edit

The regions of Kenshi where this faction can be found.

Cities and Towns Edit

The inhabited locations owned by this faction.

Minor Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

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