The bulk of the Slave Trader conglomerate.
Attributes 25-35
Weapons Iron Club, Mercenary Club
Clothing Black/White Cloth Shirt, Leather Shirt, White Vest, Leather Vest, Cap, Turban, Stout Hessian Uniform, Samurai Clothpants, Trader's Leathers, Stout Hessian Uniform, & Plated Longboots
Inventory Standard First Aid Kid & Splint Kit

The Slaver is a generic character that wanders regions controlled by the United Cities, often accompanied by several others. Slavers see a lot of power in these parts due to their connections with the corrupt and greedy United Cities nobility. As a result, the military will not stop any slavery operations conducted within their city (even if you're allied with them and you are the one being enslaved). Slavers also tend to carry the unconscious, shackled bodies of their victims while wandering in the wilderness, and are willing to part with them for a fee. They will also buy any unconscious bodies off your back for enslavement. They are often well-equiped, so caution is advised when combating them. Despite this, they only use Ancient grade weapons.

For the most part, Slavers are nothing to fear as long as you avoid trespassing their private property, and avoid going unconscious within their vicinity (they will enslave any unconscious characters they find). In fact, Slavers can be quite profitable. Slavers are a considerable threat to players seeking a challenge in the early-middle stages of progressing their characters' fighting attributes.