A small stats page of a character.

Statistics (henceforth abbreviated as stats) are a collection of numbers that define your characters. They modify what your character can do and how effectively they can do it.

Statistics break down into three main categories and multiple subcategories:

  • Attributes
  • Weapon Skills
  • Skills
These stats can be increased by completing actions that are affected by said stats. For example, weapons skills can be increased by engaging in combat with the specified weapon.

A full stats page of a character.


Attributes are the core stats of your character. They also have a direct effect on how efficient your character is in combat. Attributes are broken down into 5 subcategories.

  • Strength - Determines the ability to use Heavy Weapons and Armour without tiring, and to carry more.
  • Endurance - Not currently implemented
  • Dexterity - Affects the speed and the speed of attacks and blocks and cutting damage.
  • Toughness - Determines a character's damage resistance and the level at which they get knocked out
  • Perception - Not currently implemented

Weapon skillsEdit

Weapons Skills are stats that directly affect how much damage you do with certain weapons. They can be increased by direct combat with a weapon. There are currently 6 melee skills and 2 ranged skills.


  • Katanas - Weapons that specialize in cutting damage.
  • Sabres - Weapons that specialize in a mix of cutting a blunt damage, but more in cutting.
  • Hackers - Weapons that specialize in a perfect mix of cutting and blunt damage.
  • Heavy Weapons - Weapons that specialize in a mix of blunt and cutting damage, but more so blunt.
  • Blunt - Weapons that specialize in blunt damage, resulting in a non-lethal knockout.
  • Martial Arts - Deals damage with your fists, learn better moves as skill increases.


  • Bows - Not currently implemented.
  • Turrets - Determines the ability for characters to use defensive weapon turrets. 


Skills directly affect actions your characters are trying to complete. The higher the skill, the more effective you are at the action. A higher engineer skill will allow you to build faster, for example. There are currently 20 different skills.

  • Melee Attack - Determines chance to successfully land a hit.
  • Melee Defense - Determines chance to block.
  • Mass Combat - Not currently implemented.
  • Arrow Defence - Not currently implemented.
  • Dodge - Determines chance of evade attacks in fight.
  • Stealth - Determines your ability to remain undetected while sneaking.
  • Thievery - Determines the chance of successfully lock picking and stealing items.
  • Bluffing - Not currently implemented.
  • Assassination - Determines the chance of successfully knocking out or killing someone while sneaking.
  • Athletics - Determines run speed.
  • Survival - Not currently implemented.
  • Tracking - Not currently implemented.
  • Climbing - Not currently implemented.
  • Field Medic - Determines speed of First Aid, what First Aid Kits and Splint Kits you can use and how efficient you can use them.
  • Engineer - Determines how fast you can build and repair structures.
  • Weapon Smith - Determines speed and quality of weapons made at a weapon smithing bench.
  • Armour Smith - Determines speed and quality of armour made at armour smithing bench.
  • Robotics - Determines the speed of First Aid of Skeletons using a Robotics Repair Kit.
  • Science - Determines skill at prospecting, and researching new technology. (Not fully implemented)
  • Labouring - Determines skill at manual labour such as farming and mining.

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