Stealth is an implemented feature of Kenshi as of version Beta 0.90.

Stealth is one of the core Thievery skills and without leveling the skill a player will have a hard time with Thievery and Assassination. Using stealth, one can sneak around undetected, and knock out unsuspecting opponents from behind, if ones assassination skill is high enough. Stealth also affects how well a disguise will work when used to enter a enemy town. In the end if you want to be a thief you need stealth!

In Game Description Edit

The ability to move around undetected. Enables you to sneak around, steal things and pick locks without anybody noticing. Also invaluable for escaping hostile imprisonment. Breaking out of a cage is all well and good, but you won't get much further without stealth. Much more effective in the darkness. Injuries will hinder your effective stealthiness, although your toughness level can counteract this.

Affected by Edit

  • Ability to remain undetected while sneaking
  • Avoiding discovery when in disguise
  • Avoiding Discovery when you have a bounty

Aided by Edit

  • Staying in the Darkness
  • Special Gear

Hindered by: Edit

  • Encumbrance / heavy armour
  • Wound legs or Torso

Ways to Train Edit

  • Using Stealth mode with enemies around

Racial Bonus Edit

Hive Human Skeleton Shek
Prince Soldier Worker Greenlander Scorchlander P4 Unit Skeleton
1.2x 1.0x 1.2x 1.0x 1.2x 1.0x 0.8x 0.8x

Stealth mode 0.97.6 Edit

Eye and Sun 2

When you press the stealth button two icons appear above the characters head, an eye and sun.

Screenshot 26

Blue Eye -This means your currently unseen by any NPC around you.

Yellow Eye - This means your character is within someone sight but you remain unseen. A yellow arrow will come up showing the direction of the npc you might be spotted by.

Red eye and Red Arrows

Red Eye - This means your character is currently spotted by a NPC. The yellow arrow will turn red and will stay red as long as there is line of sight of you.

Sun - The amount of light currently on your player. This includes any artificial light source your character walks into. *BUG* Light will bleed through doors

Equipment Edit


Robotic limbs


  • none

Tips Edit

  • You don't need to be around enemies to train and can simply sneak around friendly / neutral towns to train the skill up.
  • Remember to remove anything heavy in your inventory including Armour that has a negative stealth rating when attempting to use stealth.
  • Once a character becomes good at sneaking, he becomes invisible to lower classes like peasants.