Storage Steel Bars
A handy storage point for Iron Ore

–In-game description

Storage for Steel Bars was introduced in version 0.59.1 of Kenshi. Prior to that update the only way to store steel bars was to place them in a Storage Chest. This made automation of crafting more difficult because the player would have to micromanage the input of steel bars or rely on the slow production of a Steel Refinery. Storage: Steel Bars functions like any other storage container and as of version 0.59.1 there is no maximum capacity of steel bars that can be stored. Currently the description for Storage: Steel Bars is the same as Storage: Ore.

Storage: Steel Bars Construction InformationEdit

  • Type - Interior
  • Building Materials
  • Estimated Time - 3 hours
  • Power Consumption - 0
  • Efficiency - 1x

Storage: Steel Bars Building InfoEdit

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