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The Stout Hessian is an article of clothing wearable as pants. It is available through looting or purchase from a Clothing Trader. It is very often seen in the game worn by various NPCs, a popular choice of leg-wear for soldiers and mercenaries. The Stout Hessian offers no protection, although it provides an aesthetic alternative to the base versions of Cargopants and Halfpants.

Based off the name, it would make sense why the soldiers/guards of various factions wear these. Hessians were German mercenaries that were hired by British forces during the American Revolutionary War. Although the majority hailed from Hesse, a central state of Germany, the name became generalized as a term for any German Mercenary.

The Holy Nation soldiers usually wears a version of this called Stout Hessian Uniform.


The Stout Hessian is a pair of baggy cream/white colored pants that end about shin level. Since they do not extend all the way down to the ankle, the current mesh does not interfere with the boots the character is wearing. This makes them ideal to wear with boots since you will be able to see both the pants and boots.


Stout Hessian
-Weight 1kg
-Value 200
-Trade Value 40


Stout Hessian Blueprint
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Location(s) to Buy Clothing Trader
Research Material Cost Production
No Grade 0 hrs 0.8 3 hrs