Straw hats are common among desert travellers and help shade the wearer from the intense heat of the sun. Shading the eyes from the glare can also provide a minor aid in combat. They also help the wearer get chicks.

–In-game description

Straw Hat Icon

The Straw Hat is a clothing Hat item that can be made by using a Leather Armour Crafting Bench


The Straw Hat is a simple cone shaped hat with a very wide brim to protect the character from the sun. It is made by several pieces of straw cloth sewn together. The hat is held in place by a simple leather band that is pulled down over the character's chin. 

Stats Edit

Straw Hat
-Combat skills effect 1
-Weight 1kg
-Value 10
-Trade Value 2
Straw Hat


Straw Hat Blueprint
Blueprints Icon
Tech Level lvl 2
Cost 10 cats
Location(s) to Buy DC & UC Hat Traders
Research Material Cost Production
No Grade 0 hrs 0.8 3 hrs

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