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Tech Hunter's Notes: The Ashlands

"The Ashlands are officially un-survivable, all previous expeditions there have resulted in the total loss of the teams. It's recommended that excursions keep to the surrounding areas, which should have some good finds."


"I reckon I can do it. Don't even need 'ta go through Sonorous. The Ashland Drifters did it didn't they? I just need to find me a squad that are willing. Buncha' cowards." --Trepp

"The transitory lands around it are the problem. Stobe's Gamble covers a huge area, and then you would have to get through Sonorous Dark somehow. The loss of life would be devastating. Even then, you'd have to survive it all again on the way back." --Zed

"Hypothetically, the key would be to establish an outpost nearby in The Pits. Then you could use it as a jump-off point." --Fish

Tech Hunter's Notes: The Black Desert

"The Black Desert isn't hospitible for anything other than Skeletons. Organics should cover themselves with boots and longcoats. The City is a good place to trade for some unusual techs. If you see any twisters get the hell out of there."


"Make sure you wear yerself a nice hat. Oh and some good boots, or yer feet will melt." --Trepp

Tech Hunter's Notes: The Holy Nation

"The Holy Nation hates technology and isn't sitting on anything good either, the problem is crossing it to get to all the good un-explored stuff in the north. They don't like non-human races, if you're attempting a crossing you need at least one human male in your squad that can act the part of a master."


"It pays to carry one of their holy books too, in case you need to bluff your way out of a situation with the paladins. Skeletons are attacked on sight, so you'll just have to go around in that case." --Iyo

"Don't go to that bloody place. Freakin' Paladins climbin' up yer arse every ten paces tryin' to tell you yer clothes are wrong or some crap. Ended up I had to fight me way outta there 'cus I offended some shiny-hatted chump an' he got all angry and tried to stab me. Had to deck a few of 'em but there were loads of the buggers. Ever fought yer way out of an entire country before? Bloody chaos I can tell you. Me squad was pretty pissed at me after that one. Ha! Good laugh though." --Trepp

Tech Hunter's Notes: Leviathan Coast

"There are likely good sources of valuable equipment in this area, if you don't mind crossing the Cannibal Plains. Recommended you read "Lam's Survival" volume 3."


Tech Hunter's Notes: Pool of Obedience

Someone has spilled ink all over this book, likely a simple accident. Nothing of significance is readable anymore.

Tech Hunter's Notes: The Shrieking Forest

"I found the Shrieking Folk to simply be misunderstood nomads. My attempts to communicate seemed to calm them down and they continued on their way, screaming merrily as they ran"


"I believe these people have been the victims of some kind of horror and become un-hinged. Their minds are broken, and they are violent and feral, this is all that can be said for sure." --Iyo

"Don't follow Dr Swimmer's advice, that's how our last captain got stabbed." --Anonymous

"That place was hilarious!" --Trepp

Tech Hunter's Notes: The Swamps

"Our expedition to establish a deep swamp outpost was a total failure. We just didn't come equipped with the appropriate tech, it's no place for a simple outpost. There's no wind for the generators, regular crops can't be grown there, the damn raptors are bigger and meaner, and don't even get me started on the goddamned spiders..."


"I don't know how the Swampers survive in that place, everything is trying to eat you or your supplies. It was only supposed to be a simple scouting run so I took a bunch of rookies with us, that was a mistake. Only 3 of them made it back. That waystation saved our lives I think." --Anonymous

"You better be good at carrying people 'cus yer gonna be carryin' most of yer damn squad through that damn swamp while the friggin' blood spiders be bitin' at yer heels. Don't leave any of yer woundeds alone for ten minutes or yer gonna come back to a pile o' clothes and a goddam empty sack o' skin!" --Trepp

"So yes, there's probably some tech to be dug up somewhere in there, but I don't think it's worth it." --Fish

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