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A book on the appreciation of slavery written by high noble Lord Inaba of the Inner Circle:

"Slavery is attacked and branded immoral by outside criticizers, by rebel ninjas. We're accused of cruelty, accused of stealing people's freedom. Yet the accusers continue to buy the products and labours of slavery: Iron, cotton, chainmail... ninja rags. The accusers reek of hypocrisy. But, even if slavery is immoral, it is ours alone to shoulder, not the business of others to interfere.

Nevertheless, a system so fruitful is everything but immoral. Slavery blesses us with wealth, with luxury, with food on our plates. If it weren't for our slaves, who would toil in the fields? Our resources would be wasted on us. With slavery we can appreciate and utilize our arable soils, our abundant minerals and our fair climate.

We are what we are because of slavery."

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