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Surveys show that the painted cannibal tribe's existence dates back thousands of years; whether they existed during or after the northern ancient labs' downfall we can't yet confirm. Prehistoric and undeveloped tribes existing in a land of such advanced science is clearly backward - are the inhabitants of the Cannibal Plains devolving?

Without knowing whether there was an overlap in the existence of the two civilisations, we could assume that the cannibals are in fact direct descendents of the ancient inhabitants. Their degeneration could be put down to toxic environmental factors which they were unable to adapt to; damaging substances from their very own labs; induced madness from experiments gone wrong; or simply being reduced to cannibalism due to severe famine.

However, if there was in actuality an overlap in habitation, it is highly possible that the advanced ancient inhabitants were invaded and killed by spreading or migrating cannibals. A perfect instance of survival of the fittest. Some of the weaponry and internal damages found within the labs indicate an alternate possibility of internal civil war, although the damage could be the result of simple cannibal quarrels after their occupation. The cannibals have a savage nature and are known to frequently fight amongst themselves and feed on one another, particularly given the severe lack of victims outside their tribes since the area is mainly avoided by most rational thinking individuals.

- Finch