The United Cities (A.K.A. The Empire) is a very large faction that controls large portions of land across the continent. They are a highly corrupt empire, and monetary worth is the prime measure of a person in their culture. So much so, that being poor and hungry is a crime that can get you arrested. The drug Hashish is highly illegal, and the samurai guards are obsessed with purging it from their streets. This does make whatever amount gets through highly valuable though...  

Slavery is an important pillar of their empire, providing food and material. Anti-slavery ideologies are considered extremist perspectives, and treated as a form of terrorism. Another pillar is the Trader's Guild. The guild brings their cities great wealth and prosperity. They have advanced technologies, higher quality equipment, and valuable luxuries imported from distant lands.  

They are ruled by an emperor, that is apparently elected from a group of noble families known as Noble Circle. The current emperor, Emperor Tengu, is considered a brash, unintelligent man. And generally unfit to rule.  

If you start as the Retired Captain character, you are a former soldier in their army. This makes them very favorable to you.  

Their capital is Heft, which is where Emperor Tengu and his throne is.  

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