The Holy Nation is a large faction that controls a notable portion of the north central lands of Kenshi. They are ruled by a "Phoenix" whom they believe to be a reincarnation of their first ruler. They have a very dominant religion centered on a deity named Okran.  

They are a xenophobic and zealous people who will openly attack other races, women, or anyone who does not agree with their religious beliefs. They are significantly opposed to technology and science and are very hostile towards skeletons. However, they can be friendly and helpful to male Humans, often giving food or medical supplies to those in need.  

Non-Player Characters Edit

This faction is ruled by Holy Lord Phoenix LXII in Blister Hill.

High Status NPCs

Lower Status NPCs

Generic high ranking characters who are found in this faction's locations: Generic low ranking characters who are found in this faction's locations:
Generic high ranking soldiers who are found in this faction's locations: Animals belonging to this faction:

High Inquisitors Edit

Unique high ranking NPCs:

Recruits Edit

Unique recruits found in this faction's locations:

Generic recruits found in this faction's locations:

  • Engineer
  • Female Adventurer
  • Female Sword for Hire (3,000 c.)
  • Medic
  • Sword for Hire (3,000 c.)
  • Sword for hire (6,000 c.)
  • Sword for hire (7,500 c.)

Due to the use of slavery by this faction, there may be a chance of Slave Recruits.

Trade Culture Edit

The traders that have a chance to spawn in this faction's towns and the items which you can be arrested for entering the city with.

Vendors Contraband

Relations Edit

Faction Relations Edit

The factions which this faction has special relations towards. For all others, it will use this faction's default (0).

Player Relations Edit

The reasons for this faction to have a non-zero relation towards you.

  • By turning in the Flotsam Ninjas leader Moll to The Holy Nation, you will gain a +90 relation bonus with them.

Locations Edit

Biomes Edit

The regions of Kenshi where this faction can be found.

Cities Edit

The cities which this faction controls.

Towns and Outposts Edit

Smaller locations which this faction either owns or can be found.

Other Locations Edit

Minor locations which may be empty or contain worthwhile loot.

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