The Mystery Of Skeletech I

The memory loss, self destruction and inability to rebuild their lost empire make it a decidedly more likely scenario that skeletons existed alongside a superior ruling organic race. But how did skeletons survive the mass extinction? And why do they have no memory of the ancient ages despite their ancient life span?

Most likely the memory loss is down to simple stability breakdown due to old age, but here we have multiple explanations for the skeleton survival: 1) The safe incubation of new skeletons 'being born' during the event 2) Fleeing to safety during the turmoil while their masters perished 3) The masters succumbed to biologically destructive means while the skeletons were unaffected.

In order to investigate these explanations further we will need to carry out deeper excavations in the central plains. Tests on volunteer skeletons would also be hugely beneficial to our studies.

- Finch

The Mystery Of Skeletech II

The memory loss of the skeleton is perhaps as perplexing as their very survival. With that, a large portion of salvaged skeleton remains show suicide to be the cause of death, but what was the reasoning behind this tragic mass suicide? The skeletons are logical thinkers, it makes sense that once they have carried out their life's purpose, there is no need for them to live on - An existential crisis if you will.

Now for the purpose of the skeleton: to destroy their enemy, the ancient civilization. Whether they infiltrated ancient society with a mission, succumbed to their own madness or simply rebelled and triumphed against their 'masters' in a civil war; their job was plain and simple, destruction.

- Idad