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An account of the historic Red Rebellion written by surviving noble Lady Tanaka:

"It was the Year of the Harvest when the droughts hit the southern plains, but society remained complacent. The Traders Guild would surely lend their aid, they'd never failed us before after all. But, days rolled by into weeks and the aid never came. Opportunistic rogues had blocked the paths of the Traders Guild caravans and the Empire citizens were left starving and panic stricken.

The few rations that the Empire finally received were snatched up by the most powerful of us. It was then that we shut ourselves off from the outer dregs: This was everyone for themselves now, there was no room for charity or pity. But disaster struck, and for the first time in our lives, desperation and death-fueled fear reared it's ugly head. The power of the nobles was under threat as a violent revolt ensued.

The ground ran red with blood and, like drowning rats clawing at a sinking ship, the desperate souls dragged us all down with them to their doom."