A biome of dense vegetation located to the North of the Fog Islands and Obedience, West of the Floodlands, and south of the Purple Sands. It is home to the Shrieking Bandits hence the name.

The Shrieking Forest World Map Crop 001

Towns And Villages Edit

Shrieking bandits can only be seen running naked around as homeless wanderers, therefore no towns spotted.

Dungeons Edit

None found.

Biome Edit


Water Green Arid Swamp Wind
None 100% 100% 0% Avg.
The natives here are quite territorial and their endless horde will never allow you take their fertile land that pretty much allows most types of crops at 100% fertility. Prospecting reveals little mineral resources but there are spots that allows for stone production at 100% quality. The place is really beautiful and bountiful but all that screaming day and night really turns any sane man off.

Tips Edit

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