Thievery is an important stat that affects the character's ability to pick locks and escape situations where they're confined. It was introduced as a skill in version 0.59 but the action was originally implemented in the game during the 0.58 update. It is possible to train the skill using a Locksmith Training Box.
Lockpick Training

Character training Thievery on a Locksmith Training Box

Game Description Edit

The ability to pick locks and open safes. More importantly however, it's also used to break OUT of situations: cages, jails, handcuffs. It's for those who value freedom and don't wait around to be rescued. Also affects smuggling ability and dialogue options.

–Game Description

Stats Affected Edit

  • Lock Picking Abilities
  • Stealing items
  • Selling Stolen items

Ways to Train Edit

  • Picking locks/cages
  • Special training equipment
  • Stealing things

Racial Exp Bonus Edit

Human: 1.0x

Hive: 1.2x expect Hive warrior at 1.0x

Shek: 0.8x

Skeletons: 0.8x

Thievery 0.97.6 Edit

The three uses are listed from easiest to hardest.

Selling Stolen Items Edit

Fencing Chance

When you steal a item from anyone it's now listed as stolen when looking at the item in your inventory. If it was stolen recently it will also list who it was stolen from but this will fall off eventually(maybe from loading needs to be confirmed why?). The skill comes in handy only when it comes to selling items you stole from a faction back to themselves and the chance of success will show up when attempting to sell the item. The selling chance is 100% when selling to a different faction or the hive or the Shinobi Thieves negating the
actually need to worry.

Stealing things Edit

This action requires the player to hold alt to preform when the object is colored red and should be in Stealth Mode to prevent getting caught. The only time it doesn't require you do hold alt is when your looting someones body. The chance is 100% if the item is out in the world unless someone will see you. Stealing from a container the player is given a percentage based on your thievery skill but if you mange to empty the building it becomes 100%.

Lock complex
Lockpicking chance

Lock picking Edit

Everything that is locked in the game has a lock complexity level and your thievery skill determines the chances you can unlock that item. Locked Items can range from 1-100 in complexity and to check your chances you must hover your mouse over the locked item. Also being injured will also hurt your thievery skill. The highest chance you can get is 90% success rate.
Lock picking will become a necessary skill mid to late game when it comes to advancing your Research Bench tier 3 and above.

Training Equipment Edit

Dialogue Edit


Smuggling Edit


Tips Edit

  • Start off with stealing items in random houses as it will build both stealth and thievery at the same time.
  • Selling stolen items, most towns have different factions within it to sell the others items too.* might change*

In future versions of the game this skill will also allow for various dialogue options when interacting with NPCs. It will also affect the ability for characters to smuggle goods. This will most likely be for moving contraband items into towns and outposts to sell, Narcotics for example.