Lockpick Training

Character training Thievery on a Locksmith Training Box

The ability to pick locks and open safes. More importantly however, it's also used to break OUT of situations: cages, jails, handcuffs. It's for those who value freedom and don't wait around to be rescued. Also affects smuggling ability and dialogue options.

–Game Description

Thievery is an important stat that affects the character's ability to pick locks and escape situations where they're confined. It was introduced as a skill in version 0.59 but the action was originally implemented in the game during the 0.58 update. It is possible to train the skill using a Locksmith Training Box.

In future versions of the game this skill will also allow for various dialogue options when interacting with NPCs. It will also affect the ability for characters to smuggle goods. This will most likely be for moving contraband items into towns and outposts to sell, Narcotics for example.

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