Toughness is both physical and mental. It's how you survive out in the desert. Physically it's your ability to take a beating and survive. Mentally it's an attitude forged from harsh experience. Do you pass out from your wounds like a sissy, or do you force yourself to struggle to your feet again? Do you panic and bleed out or can you stay calm enough to lower your heart rate and let the blood clot?

–In-game description

Toughness was introduced in version 0.61.0 of Kenshi and appears to replace a stat that was previously known as "Warrior Spirit" (though it was never actually implemented). That is not to say that Warrior Spirit will not appear in later versions. Currently Toughness determines a character's Damage Resistance and KO point (Knock Out Point).


  • Damage Resistance: Starting value for a character at 0 toughness is -0.5 and at level 100 is 0.5. For each level of Toughness the characters Damage Resistance will increase by 0.01 meaning Toughness at 51 or greater the character takes less damage from attacks while levels 49 and lower take increased damage. 
  • KO point: The greater the Toughness this number will grow in negative value. Current range is -10 to -80 (-80 is a character at maxed Toughness).

Improving ToughnessEdit

The following methods are ways of improving a character's Toughness (quoted directly from In-game):

  • Getting hurt, getting beaten up, losing battles
  • Get up and fight when you should be playing dead
  • Bonuses if you are fighting critically wounded
  • Making certain (often foolish) dialogue choices
  • Once your health drops below your KO point [Specific to your character] your health becomes critical and you won't be able to get back up again. You will need healing and go into a coma.

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