Trade Goods are items generally meant for trading, crafting or other uses depending on the item. They buy and sell for their full value unlike most other items, which tend to sell for a much lower value, and are often either ingredients or craftable themselves. The value at any given town is randomized from town to town to allow for players to make profit via trading between them, though the value is still restricted to +/- 30% from the base value. Some towns also have an additional modifier to specific goods to make them worth more or less there.

Nearly all items that are not Weapons or Equipment are Trade Goods.

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This is a list of all the items separated into their respective categories, and displayed with their base value. You can visit the item's pages to see how to make/acquire them, and what recipes they are used in. (Note: It is highly likely many values are placeholders. Especially for items currently not available.)

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Medical Edit

  • Advanced First Aid Kit -- (514)
  • Advanced Splint Kit -- (600)
  • Basic First Aid Kit -- (146)
  • Robotics Repair Kit -- (6636)
  • Splint Kit -- (410)
  • Standard first aid kit -- (285)

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These items are used to build or are used in buildings to create other items.

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