The Traders Guild is a neutral faction that deal primarily with commerce between towns. They're based in the United Cities, and are integral to their economy. That said, they use their status to gain access to many other factions throughout the world, even the enemies of the United Cities such as the Holy Nation

Traders Guild will always start out neutral to the player's faction, except for the Wandering Trader start in which you start with a hundred reputation with the Traders Guild. If you have a shop set to public near or on a trade route members of the guild will sometimes stop by to purchase particular items from you.

Player Relation Edit

All bad deeds can be forgiven with coin, at least with the Traders Guild. In Blister Hill you can find the Trader Guilds Pacifier, you can pay him to make the others in the guild to turn a blind eye to your past deeds.

You can also make an alliance with the Traders Guild, obviously it will cost you a fair bit of coin, c.100,000 to be exact. Yamdu, located at the Trader Guild's HQ in Trader's Edge in Heng will offer you this deal if you talk to him.

This will affect your faction relationships with:

Free trade, protection, slave exemption, and 'class', of course. It is the desert man's dream to one day become a member of the fine Traders Guild!

–Yamdu, about the benifits of an alliance with Traders Guild.

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