Skill at shooting defensive weapon turrets. Affects accuracy, reload speed, target acquisition, and the ability to avoid friendly fire.

–In-game stats description

Turrets is a weapon skill based stat that affects the character's ability to use defensive weapon turrets. It was introduce in version 0.64 but turrets were accessible through the in-game editor as early as version 0.62.0. Currently the only way to train this skill is by using turrets or Training turrets in experimental.

Stats AffectedEdit


Dust Bandit Boss struck in the head by an arrow from a turret.

The level of a character's Turrets skill improve their accuracy, rate of fire and friendly fire avoidance.

  • Accuracy: this affects the character's likelihood of hitting their target. The default value for a character with a skill of 0 is 25% and will max at 125%.
  • Rate of fire: this affects the amount of time it takes for a character to reload an arrow or harpoon on a turret. The default value for a skill of 0 is 25% and will max at 125%.
  • Friendly fire avoidance: this will lower the chance that a character will shoot a friendly character while operating a turret. At level 0 the character will have a 0% chance to avoid shooting friendlies but will have a 100% chance from committing friendly fire when the skill reaches level 50. 

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