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Unique Recruits are unique hireable characters that can only ever appear once per game. They have dialog unique to them, and often have higher stats than your average recruits. While most are just found in bars and often require a fee to hire, this is not necessarily true for all of them.

Not all of them have a guaranteed name, and are then given a random name. In those cases it will be difficult to pick them out of a crowd without talking to them. Though you might be able to, depending on their Equipment.

Note: Click the button next to the character's entry to reveal their locations. The locations listed are just their possible spawn points. It is still sometimes random if they actually spawn there. It's entirely possible for some of them not to spawn at all.

Named Recruits -- {Race | Price} Edit

  • Digna -- {Random Race | 3000}
    Show/Hide Locations
  • Horse -- {Random Race | 4500}
    Show/Hide Locations
  • Knife -- {Random Race | 6000}
    Show/Hide Locations
  • Oron -- {Shek | 3500}
    Show/Hide Locations
  • Pia -- {Random Race | 3000}
    Show/Hide Locations
  • Razor -- {Not Available}
  • Red -- {Not Available}
  • Reva -- {Random Race | 6000}
    Show/Hide Locations
  • Ruka -- {Shek | Free}
    Show/Hide Locations
  • Sadneil -- {Not Available}
  • Shryke -- {Random Race | Free}
    Show/Hide Locations
  • Soman -- {Random Race | 3500}
    Show/Hide Locations

Random Names Edit

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