Unique Recruits are unique hireable characters that can only ever appear once per game. They have dialogue unique to them, and often have higher stats than your average recruits. While most unique recruits are just found in bars and often require a fee to hire, this is not necessarily true for all of them.

Not all of them have a guaranteed name, and are then given a random name. In those cases it will be difficult to pick them out of a crowd without talking to them. Though you might be able to, depending on their Equipment.

Note: The locations listed are just their possible spawn points. It is still sometimes random if they actually spawn there. It's entirely possible for some of them not to spawn at all.

Named Recruits Edit

Name Race Cost Possible Locations Noteworthy Skills
Bard Human (Greenlander) 3,000 Bad Teeth, Blister Hill, Stack, Waystations, World's End none
Beep Hive (Worker) Free Mongrel none
Bo Human (Scorchlander) Free Black Scratch Good stats, large bounty
Burn Skeleton Free Burn's Tower Decent combat stats
Cat Human (Scorchlander) Free Dust King Tower Field Medic
Cornelius Goat 14,000 Settled Nomads Good stats
Crumblejon Human (Greenlander) Free Mongrel High (Str., Ath.), Good combat stats
Digna Human (Greenlander) 3,000 Flotsam Village none
Doctor Chung Human (Greenlander) Free Mud Town Field Medic
Ells Shek 300 Sho-Battai Thievery
Espher Hive (Worker) Free Tengu's Vault Low stats
Green Hive (Worker) 2,300 Mud Town, Shark Turrets
Green Finger Human (Scorchlander) 2,000 Fishing Village High Laboring, Farming
Griffin Human (Greenlander) 9,000 Bad Teeth, Blister Hill, Stack Good combat stats
Hamut Human (Greenlander) Free Mud Town, Shark, VERY small chance in any UC town. Good stats
Headshot Shek 7,500 Eyesocket, Slave Markets Turrets
Hobbs Human (Greenlander) Free Fishing Village, The Hub, Waystations, World's End Okay combat stats
Horse Shek 4,500 Fishing Village Okay combat stats
Infinite Wingwang Human (Greenlander) 100,000 (can be lowered) Mongrel Some good combat stats
Izumi Human (Greenlander) 2,500 Any UC town. Science
Jewel Human (Scorchlander) 6,000 Any UC town. Cooking
Kang Shek 6,000 Admag, Squin, Last Stand Good combat stats
Knife Human (Greenlander) 6,000 Flotsam Village Good combat stats
Luquin Human (Scorchlander) Free Tengu's Vault Assassination, other good stats
Miu Human (Greenlander) Free Mud Town, Shark Laboring, Farming
Oron Shek 3,500 Admag, Squin, Last Stand Low stats
Pia Random 3,000 Flotsam Village Athletics
Rane the Giant Shek 7,500 Admag, Squin, Last Stand Good combat stats
Ray Hive (Soldier) 1,000 Eyesocket, Slave Markets Okay combat stats
Red Human (Greenlander) 150 Bark Thievery, Stealth
Reva Human (Greenlander) 6,000 Flotsam Village Okay combat stats
Riddly Human (Greenlander) Free Any UC town. Okay stats
Ruka Shek Free Admag, Squin, Last Stand Okay combat stats
Sadneil Skeleton Free Black Desert City Low stats
Seto Shek Bugmaster or Pheonix Admag High Combat Skills
Shryke Human (Scorchlander) Free Mongrel Okay combat stats
Silvershade Hive (Prince) 3,000 Mud Town, Waystations, World's End Thievery
Sinklyde Shek Free Tengu's Vault Good combat stats (no Tou.)
Soman Human (Greenlander) 3,500 Fishing Village Engineer, Laboring
Stubs Momuso Human (Scorchlander) 5,000 Mud Town, Shark Okay combat stats
Yamdu Hive (Prince) Free Trader's Edge Multiple very high stats

Randomized Names Edit

These recruits are similar to Bar Recruits because they have names from the default random names list. The unique part of these characters can be increased stats, lower prices, or special dialogue.

Adventurer Edit

This recruit can be found in The Holy Nation. She is slightly better than a typical Sword for Hire. She comes with slightly higher Stats and some very basic Equipment.

Race Price Possible Locations
Human (Greenlander) 3,000 Bad Teeth, Blister Hill, Stack

Engineer (loves walls) Edit

This engineer recruit is absolutely obsessed with walls. Their Stats and Equipment are identical to the normal engineer recruit.

Race Price Possible Locations
Human (Greenlander)




Any UC town, Eyesocket, Mud Town, Shark, Slave Markets, Waystations, World's End

Skeleton Recruits Edit

In the swamp, there are two skeleton recruits available.

Race Price Possible Locations
Skeleton 2,500


Mud Town, Shark

Sword for Hire (amateur) Edit

As is obvious based on their name, this character is an amateur. When engaged in dialog they will poorly attempt to intimidate you, threatening to "take off your toes" and "eat your heart" among other things. If you ask to hire them, they'll act surprised, regain their composure, and demand Cats in exchange because "Chumps are free, not me!" Their stats and equipment are identical to the normal Sword for hire.

Race Price Possible Locations
Human (Greenlander) 700


Mud Town, Shark, The Hub, Waystations, World's End

Sword for Hire (EX-Slave) Edit

They were bought out of slavery and are interested in joining up with a band of adventurers. They'll join you if you pay of their debt. Their stats and equipment are identical to the normal Sword for hire.

Race Price Possible Locations
Random 700


Fishing Village, The Hub, Waystations, World's End

Sword for Hire (revenge) Edit

A woman whose family was murdered by bandits. Desiring vengeance, she asks to join you in exchange for paying her bill. You can attempt to talk her out of seeking revenge, though it will be unsuccessful. Her stats and equipment are identical to the normal Sword for hire.

Race Price Possible Locations
Human (Greenlander) 700


Any UC town, Waystations, World's End