Overview Edit

Content Edit

United Weekly I Edit

"Twig men bring yet MORE crime into the United Cities" - A United Cities news flyer detailing claims of a rising hiver population with increased poverty and crime rates

United Weekly II Edit

"Emperor Tengu sports a brand new hat at the Bodyguard Battles… And we LOVE it" - A United Cities news flyer detailing Emperor Tengu's new hat. It's got sparkles on it.

United Weekly III Edit

"Cleaning up the Dregs. How to fix the 'poor' problem in the outer cities" - A United Cities news flyer which criticizes the leniency of poverty laws in the Empire.

United Weekly IV Edit

"This season: Gorillos and Golden pants" - A United Cities news flyer on the latest luxuries and crazes in Empire fashion.

United Weekly V Edit

"Empire merchants endure squalid conditions during visit to hive" - A United Cities news flyer accusing 'animal-like' native hivers of abusing Empire merchants whilst on a trade visit.


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