Vain is a biome that occupies the west coast and red river of the middle section of Kenshi. It displays incredible biodiversity and what looks like refuge to the naive eye, but is in reality one of the most dangerous locations to start off. It is dominated by the Hive, which create prosperous settlements the ambling trader can easily scrape by through trading with, but also the dreaded Beak Thing.

Vain World Map Crop 001

Towns And Villages Edit

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Water Green Arid Swamp Wind
Varies 50% 50% 20% Low

Tips Edit

Beak things, for those unaware, are very strong and very fast creatures. They fit under the "gutter" category of animals, which implies that they do not stop at incapacitating prey: they eat their prey alive. Beak Things resemble a tortoise, bird, and giraffe all in one. Heck, even it's legs can be considered part elephant. Despite this, they are incredibly fast, and even a character with very high athletics will find it near impossible to outrun them. This makes trading in the Vain only for the incredibly athletic or the incredibly observant (or perhaps the incredibly stupid).

Vain is host to another creature, the Gorillo, which is often seen traveling alone or in pairs. They are much less of a threat, but still something to consider and quite tanky.

The water (even the rain, which it does a lot) is acidic to non-hivers that are swimming in it and the terrain in Vain has a red hue, which makes it very ominous and "bloody". Despite this, there appears to be no adverse side effects on non-hiver characters or farming. Vain is a very promising location for crops like cotton and vegetables, and is located right beside a desert which can cultivate wheatstraw, hemp, and cactus.

Vain is also one of the best places on the map to get copper and make money. Copper deposits are abundant in Vain, and always 100% quality. Some daring players will start off by going to vain and mining for a living, slowly making money through trade with the Hive. This, however, has become more dangerous and less profitable with the nerfing of income from mining, balancing the trade system, and the fact Hive will no longer actively fight Beak Things in their territory (as they appear to have developed a symbiotic relationship that results in fighting only when directly threatened). Another strategy for making money (albeit riskier) is finding and raiding the abundant Beak Thing nests (namely whenever they're out exploring or hunting) and stealing their eggs. Each egg (although non-renewable) can be sold at 1500 a piece to any dealer with seemingly no mark down or up. Establishing towns is much better on the outskirts alongside the desert, where iron, stone, and other crops can be exploited with the same benefits of Vain and copper.

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