This page contains information about modding Kenshi's weapons. Modding is done through the construction set. Weapons are a sub-category under Items.

Weapons are made up of two objects: A Weapon and a Model. A Manufacturer connects the two together.


This is the weapon type. It includes the base stats and mesh files of the weapon.


  • Name: Pretty straightforward, this is the name which the game and construction set display for this Item.
  • Object Type: What type of Item this is (WEAPON). Can not be changed.
  • String ID: The String ID is a unique identifier for each item, it must never be the same for 2 objects. DO NOT CHANGE IT if already placed in the game world (otherwise those references will vanish). If it is already referenced by another object (eq item in a character inventory), that's ok because it will update the ID in those references. It is what determines when an item in a .mod file modifies/inherits from an item in another file (usually .base).

(rule of thumb: you will probably never need to change String ID, unless you've done something very, VERY wrong)


These attributes modify the damage inflicted by the weapon. All attributes will affect a weapon's damage, but some attributes are more important to some weapon types than others.

  • blunt damage multiplier [0.0 - 2.0]: Weapon weight, multiplied by stats, used by heavy weapons to calculate weapon damage.
  • cut damage multiplier [0.5 - 1.5]: Multiplied by attack skill, used by sword-like weapons to calculate weapon damage.
  • minimum cut damage multiplier: Provides minimum damage cap, only handy for modding beginners.
  • pierce damage multiplier [0.5 - 1.5]: Multiplied by attack skill, used by sword-like weapons to calculate damage.


Item models/meshes.

  • bare sword: Sword mesh only, no sheath. (mesh)
  • icon: Inventory icon image. (png)
  • mesh: Item mesh, sheathed if weapon. (mesh)
  • physics file: Collision data for dropped items. (xml)
  • sheath: Sheath mesh only, no sword. (mesh)


  • auto icon image [true-false]: Actually does nothing or weapons.
  • inventory footprint height: height of the item (in tiles) in your inventory.
  • inventory footprint width: width of the item (in tiles) in your inventory.
  • value: Value of the item.
  • weight kg: Minimum weight of the weapon, can be overwritten by blunt damage multiplier (multiplier 1.0=40kg).

Inventory iconEdit

These values determine how the icon is generated.

  • icon offset H: horizontal alignment.
  • icon offset V: vertical alignment.
  • icon zoom: image scale, lower=bigger.


This contain the weapon texture and modifiers for the stats. The model can also adjust the weapon size.


Manufacturers contain a list of weapons and a list of models. All permutations of the listed weapons and models are possible weapons in the game. They also contain various stat modifiers.