Hive village map

Western Hive is a faction of the Hive race which dwell in a series of Hive Villages stretching the length of the river running through the Vain region of the map.

Most Hivers you can recruit in the game originate from this hive, and will often mention their reluctance to return to their home when they enter the area.

Non-Player Characters Edit

Village NPCs Edit

These are the potential inhabitants of the Hive Villages.

Trade Caravans Edit

These are the potential NPCs who are members of this faction's trade caravans.

  • Hive Caravan Trader
  • Heavies?
  • Pack Garrus?

These are possible traders which can come from this faction.

  • Beasts Trader?
  • Farm Trader
  • Materials Trader
  • Supplies Trader

While the Hivers in the Hive Villages will refuse to work with "hiveless" hive characters, the traders from the Western Hive do not seem to care about this when they visit the player's outpost or trade in the wilderness. Sometimes the hive caravans will sell the player a Lantern of Radiance.

Relations Edit


Locations Edit

The only locations which belong to this faction are Hive Villages. Although the faction name is "Western Hive," all of the hive villages currently belong to this function, regardless of what area of Kenshi they are located in.