A Wind Generator.

A Wind Generator II is an upgraded version of the Wind Generator and produces power via wind.

After initial cost of construction, a Wind Generators II generate power without any additional resource cost so long as there is wind.

A Wind Generator II can produce +1 power for every 1% of wind in the area, meaning a Wind Generator can generate up to a maximum of 100 power. Unlike the Small Wind Generator, the Wind Generator II has a minimum amount of a wind required and will produce no power until adequate wind is available, making the potential range of production anywhere between 0-100. Operational range for the Wind Generator II are winds between 4.47 and 11.18 mph.

If upgrading a Wind Generator instead of building a Wind Generator II from scratch, the building cost is only 8 Electrical Components and the Iron Plates are waved.

Wind Generator Construction InfoEdit

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Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the wind generator, the wind generator II has no in-game description.

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