Classical wooden sandals. They take a bit of getting used to, but they're actually really good for running in sand.

–In-game description

Wooden Sandals

Wooden Sandals are armour that are equipped in the Boots slot. They can be bought from a Boot Trader or looted off of Bandits.

They provide no protection, but increase the wearer's effective Athletics skill, allowing them to run faster.


Wooden Sandals are simple footwear made from wood. They are similar in appearance to the Japanese Geta. A leather band keeps the foot held in place on the sandals.  

Stats Edit

Wooden Sandals
-Athletics effect 1.1x
-Combat speed effect 1x
-Weight 0kg
-Value 50
-Trade Value 10


Wooden Sandals
Wooden Sandals Blueprint
Blueprints Icon
Tech Level lvl 2
Cost 50 cats
Location(s) to Buy N/A
Research Material Cost Production
No Grade 0 hrs  ?  ? hrs


As of 0.50.1, blueprints for Wooden Sandals are not implemented but are available through use of the Forgotten Construction Set or modded games. The armour can then be researched but not produced.